Download the device from Android : Tubidy

Jun can make good music and clean up every trouble. Since now using Tubidy, you can download MP3 and MP4 videos.

Zhizhijun can be downloaded for free also. Every song you love, every song you love is free.

You don’t have to download Tubidy, your smartphone is enough. As for the simplicity of use.

Choose the tab you like, make it small and big, and download it for free. Imako began to collect what he liked and built his song library.

Download the backup

First, prepare for the king. Tablets and desktop computers are available. Or if you want to move it, just use a smartphone. Revert to the old phone. Then prepare for things.

  • Access to the Internet must be disconnected from the Internet. In this way, it can be discharged without nonsense.
  • Choose a browser. You can access this website using your browser. Regardless of Chrome, Firefox Jun’s browser of choice.
  • Spare space as a warehouse to store Tubidy download songs. Participate in the matter, and there is no limit to its discharge quota. But there is enough to survive.

The child can choose the place where the downloaded text is saved. SD card or device, not ternary also. Often compared with internal memory, SD card has more storage space. The video of the song does not need to be empty.

If you use an Apple device, please pay attention. If you want to save songs in the gad, you must have iTunes on your computer.

How to download

With Jun’s device, there are several downloads from Tubidy. Laptop PC, Android device, to Apple device. However, it is easy to do it.

Do not download either. Visit its website and download it. There is no use to register, and there is no fee.

1. Download the device from Android

The child can choose from a variety of types of Android alternatives. It can make tablets, smartphones, and old mobile phones. Follow the steps to download Android devices.

  • Go to the Tubidy  website
  • Write the title of the desired song in the search box. For convenience, please press the artist’s name. Then click on the cable.
  • When the app selects songs for Jun Offering. Each person has the same title.
  • Then click the tab.
  • Click the Download button to start too.
  • Then, you will have some format choices. Choose between MP3 and MP4.
  • Later, select the file size of Hello. The MP3 anthology will run from 64 kbps to 320 kbps. It is in MP4 text, and will be 144p to 1080p.
  • It will take less than a minute, so please wait.
  • Ready-to-use, downloadable.

2. Download the device on iOS

With an Apple device, you must have an iTunes app computer. Go to the iTunes station to pick up its app.

Make sure you’re in the right place. Then delete all songs not listed on iTunes to sync also.

  • Use the USB cable to belong to the iPhone on the computer. Open iTunes and click the iPhone icon visible in the upper left corner. Line the software to prepare how much space information.
  • Click the link to pick up the song. Then open your browser and go to the Tubidy website. The steps will be the same as those for Android devices.
  • Go to the Summary iTunes tab of Discharge. The “Summary” option is often on the left panel. Click the “When Used” button, and then press Back. On the left panel, Junji Library. Continue to select the “Song” option.
  • Jun can use the library to set Jun download songs. Download to, you can see the list.

3. How to download to PC laptop

As mentioned earlier, you can use this website with a PC laptop. The download step will be the same as the download song step for Android devices.

However, please download the document on the computer card. In the card selection drive, straight in the Leka. If you want to transfer a smartphone, but use a USB cable to belong to a PC


Convenient website, Tubidy is very convenient. Choose the website to transfer and download many good songs. As:

  • No axe. The best of this Tubid also.  Jun download how many songs, it doesn’t cost a penny
  • Easy to use also. However, the title of the song must be printed in the search bar. Then follow the simple steps to download to the public device
  • Unlimited discharge. Long infinite, download songs. Perfect for those who want to build a music library
  • High-speed downloads. Stop for a minute or two
  • Different grid. MP3MP4 format, foreign text size, you can choose lightly
  • No popping windows. No pop-ups. It is because it will be done quickly and worry-free
  • Big songs, videos, and podcasts. Jun can not ask anywhere, where to get Jun song. Everything is said on this site

Tubidy is also a useful internet site for good speakers. The download is simple and unlimited, no matter whether it is free, everyone can provide it. Then, you’ll have a library of songs for you to enjoy.